Diaverum provides life enhancing renal care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), enabling them to live fulfilling lives.

Our core service is haemodialysis, but our expertise stretches far beyond this. We offer support and treatments ranging from preventive care, peritoneal dialysis and home care to the coordinated management of patients’ comorbidities and transplant services.

Diaverum was founded in 1991 in Sweden, where the first dialysis clinic opened under the name of Gambro Healthcare. Today, we operate more than 400 clinics in 22 countries and four continents, treating more than 39,500 patients globally.

At the heart of what we do is our highly standardised proprietary care delivery model, supported by a continuously evolving digital infrastructure. Together, these ensure a benchmark dialysis service delivered with high consistency to every patient in each of our clinics worldwide.

In China, the dialysis treatment rate for ESRD patients is far lower than the global average level, the goverment issue a policy to support the new-building private indepent dialysis center in 2016, Diaverum entered China at that time. After these years, Diaverum China is gradully developing a Diaverum dialysis chain network in East, Middle and south China.

As one of the world’s leading renal care providers,Diaverum insists on its mission- to enhance the lives of renal patients, enabling them to live fulfilling lives, Diaverum will bring international quality dialysis services to patients in China.


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