Our organisation has achieved a major milestone, which was celebrated throughout the company during the first week of February.

We now have more than 400 clinics, and over 11,000 Diaverum employees working to transform renal care, to offer life enhancing renal care and to empower patients to live a fulfilling life.

As of the end of January 2020, Diaverum has more than 400 clinics across four continents, providing renal care services, primarily haemodialysis, to over 39,000 patients every year.

“I feel very proud to lead a company which provides life-enhancing renal care to more than 400 clinics worldwide! This milestone is a call for celebration of our successful growth story and it also highlights the very core of our mission – enabling access to the highest quality of renal care for patients across the globe,” says Diaverum’s CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis.

Diaverum’s origin dates back to the founding of the division Gambro Healthcare in 1991 and the opening of its first dialysis clinic in Lund, Sweden. The division was successful and began to grow, primarily in Europe, during the 1990s.

Diaverum’s Chief Medical Officer, Fernando Macário, reminisces: “There are days that live on in our memories. I remember when the dialysis clinic where I had been medical director since 1997 was acquired by Gambro. This was in 2001 and marked the beginning of a journey of constant improvement in the care of our patients. Since then, the clinics which became Diaverum have reinforced and continued to provide true renal care, wherever it went.”

In 2007, Gambro Healthcare was acquired by Bridgepoint. At the time, it was the second largest provider of dialysis care services in Europe, with 155 clinics in 14 countries and with ancillary businesses in South America and Australia. A total of 12,000 patients were served at these clinics each year. Soon, the name Diaverum was adopted and launched globally, and growth accelerated. In 2012, when Diaverum had been operating independently for five years, it provided dialysis services to 20,000 patients globally and could celebrate the opening of its 250th clinic.

Diaverum’s Chief Operating Officer, Boris Zjacic, was once a renal nurse himself and is now responsible for most of the Diaverum markets. He made the following statement regarding the 400th clinic and this new milestone in the company’s history:

“With 26 years of experience in renal care, I am proud to be Chief Operating Officer of a company which now serves over 39,000 renal care patients. Growing our presence from eleven to 22 countries, and across four continents, enables our employees to provide life-enhancing renal care to our patients, where they live and travel. We work to partner with local communities and educate both patients and staff regarding health and the value of prevention – and each clinic helps us reach more people. This is in line with our mission of enhancing the lives of renal patients and enabling them to live fulfilling lives.”

“Diaverum is spreading the vision of a competent, passionate, inspired, and humane team. Our employees help realize Diaverum’s values – competence, passion, and inspiration – on a day-to-day basis. What a fantastic journey this has been, and what a fantastic foundation to build on for the future!” says Fernando Macário.

The year of 2019 was one of extensive growth. During the year, Diaverum has grown in Europe by entering Albania, and strengthened its foothold in the Middle East by renewing a five-year dialysis contract in Saudi Arabia. The company has also established a presence in Africa, its fourth continent, through a partnership in Morocco.

"Growing our presence from eleven to 22 countries, and across four continents, enables our employees to provide life-enhancing renal care to our patients, where they live and travel."

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