We are pleased to share with everyone that today we have achieved an important milestone in our fight against COVID-19. Globally across the whole of Diaverum, we have now reached 73% of our patients and 80% of our staff receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, an industry-leading achievement we are very proud of.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

That’s why, since December last year when health authorities around the world started approving such vaccines, we have been working hard to:

  • Facilitate prompt vaccination of our patients and staff when that becomes available in their countries, across our clinics and offices
  • Continue with strict adherence to our Contingency Plan, updated in January this year with a strong expectation and clear guidance on vaccination for chronic dialysis patients and for frontline clinical staff
  • Maintain excellence of clinical care everywhere we operate

To ensure alignment, commitment and clarity of our approach, our inspiring medical and nursing teams have been leading us through this unprecedented pandemic, speaking daily and holding regular conferences with senior leaders, employees and patients from all over the world, while investing in communications and education to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination.

However, when we set ourselves the ambition of having all patients and staff taking the vaccine when that’s available for them, we knew that was a decision for our patients and people to make, despite our benchmark COVID-19 Contingency Plan and vaccination policies. It was always going to be them making a difference in avoiding contagion and safeguarding everyone’s health and safety.

That’s why today’s achievement is our patients’ and staff’s achievement, and we would like to thank each and every one of them for bringing us this far in our fight against the virus.

We are getting closer to 100% every day. Even in countries where current vaccination availability is low or national campaigns have just started, we are striving to ensure we have all patients and staff vaccinated. We’re not lowering our guard yet, and we continue to support each other, embrace vaccination and follow health prevention guidelines to end the pandemic and protect ourselves, our families and communities.

Dimitris Moulavasilis, Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Macário, Chief Medical Officer

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